Letter From the Superintendent

Elenasolo-mediumSlavic Christian Academy evolved from a passionate desire to one day open a school where every child would have the opportunity to experience God’s love, while receiving a high quality education.  Education for the heart and mind allowing every student to reach their highest potential and being equipped to take on life’s next chapters.  SCA developed this unique system of education that combines a strict Eastern European approach to education and an American way of valuing individual development of confidence in one’s identity.

With this, let me take this opportunity to give you an overview of our history. Since 1990, the Northwest part of America experienced a growing population of Slavic immigrants from Eastern Europe. As these families began to settle and raise their families, many parents became discouraged and concerned about education their children received. Slavic Church leaders began to search for an alternative private education for their children under Valley Christian School (VCS, Spokane WA) leadership in August 2002.  On December 4, 2004, the General Assembly of non-profit Northwest Association of Slavic Baptist Churches (NWASBC) established the Education Department.  In collaboration with VCS in 2005, the extended programs were established in Edgewood and Tacoma Slavic churches, Portland and Spokane Slavic churches opened day campuses in 2006.  SCA joined ACSI as a member and was approved by OSPI & ODE in June 2006.  SCA School System was born in May 2007.  SCA-Sacramento and SCA-Lakewood campuses joined us in 2012.  SCA high school students can earn college credit through Advanced Placement Program (AP) since May 2012.  SCA joined Merritt Scholars & National Honor societies in June 2013.  The International Program was approved by SEVIS on May 21, 2013.

Today, Slavic Christian Academy provides quality education to more than 600 students in the Northwest.  SCA day campuses utilize ABEKA, ACSI, BJU, and SAXON textbooks for their curriculum.  SCA K-12 students are tested in April on TerraNova through ACSI.  In addition, high school students take PSAT and SAT tests.  SCA graduates are well prepared to be admitted by any college or university of their choice.

SCA School System upholds to a high quality education and business practices.


Elena V. Solodyankin, M.ED
SCA Superintendent
Phone: 888-924-4618
Fax: 509-467-4942